The Mills County Jail is currently housed in a turn-of-the-century building that also contains the Sheriff’s Offices. Due to the lack of space, and the inability to classify and separate their prison population, the County has been working with Prochaska & Associates to develop the plans for a new 24-bed jail on a greenfield site on the south edge of Glenwood. The jail is organized around a single surveillance post: a Master Control Station surrounded by seven Housing Units and an Indoor/Outdoor Exercise Space. Temporary Holding Cells, accessed through the Booking Area, can be monitored from the Master Control as well. The Jail also includes a Medical Exam Room, Kitchen, Laundry, and Visitation Spaces. A Vehicular Sallyport lies adjacent to the Booking Area. An entrance link connects the existing structure and the new Jail facility. A Storage Building also occupies the same site.