The Barbara and Thurman Johnson Youth Development Center is a renovation and small addition to an 80 year old building in the heart of downtown Coucil Bluffs, Iowa. This renovated facility will be a hub of activity for local youths interested not only in recreational activities such as wrestling, weightlifting, basketball, and even rock-climbing, but will also support crafts, study and activity groups, and social events. An old brick vent stack will be re-used as the basis for a new climbing wall. The existing boiler room will be re-used for a weight room. Above the existing gym will be a new elevated walkway and lounge. A new facade of glass will be added to the building which will maintain and enclose the existing building face. Between these old and new facades is the space necessary to house circulation, support spaces, and even a new cafe. It is the wish of the client to reinvigorate this building to its former prominence as a center of growth and education for the youth of the city.